Set 1 and 2 40x A5 Cue Cards


Set 1 and 2 40x A5 Cue Cards

“I Remember That!” A5 Cue Cards are an Aged Care Activity ideal for one-on-one use or in small groups.  This activity tool consists of laminated cards that can be passed around during discussion.  Each set comes in a handy plastic wallet and features 20xA5* cards (*210mm x 148mm) showing images of well-known items from yesteryear.  The Carer’s Kit has background notes plus questions to prompt discussion.

Set #1 features images of Washing Day, The Tool Shed, The Lolly Shop, Meccano plus Toys & Games.

Set #2 features images of The Wireless, The Medicine Cabinet, Cowboys & Cowgirls, The Drive In and Dunnies.


$100.00 inc gst.

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