Common Prayer and Mass Stations of the cross


Common Prayer and Mass Stations of the cross

Customised Church Services:

  • Book of Common Prayer
  • Mass & Stations of the Cross


These customised services were specially produced following numerous requests to ‘provide spiritual comfort and nurture' for those who cannot get to Church regularly.

Words of the hymns, prayers and responses are displayed on screen and each service runs approximately half an hour.

  • ‘Book of Common Prayer’: two separate versions of the services used by the Anglican Church (but also adapted by the Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches).
  • The Mass (the celebration of the Eucharist) plus the Stations of the Cross (one of the most popular Catholic devotions).

Order both the Book of Common Prayer & Mss/Stations of the Cross together and save!!!



$140.00 inc gst.

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